26 Aug 20 Democrats are suddenly finding themselves on the wrong side of the gun issue! At the recent (virtual) DNC Political Convention, radical left Democrats (is there another kind?) grabbed the microphone and endlessly, vehemently denounced our Constitution’s Second Amendment. They called for the omnibus federal reversal of state concealed-carry laws! They called for the elimination of private ownership of guns in America, via forced confiscation! They called for the elimination of Americans’ legal right to self defense! They called for putting all American gun manufacturers out of business! But wait! Their entire voting base is currently going out and buying guns and ammunition as fast as they can! Their entire voting base (along with everyone else) has mostly lost faith in government’s ability to, and interest in, protecting them! They’re seeing with their own eyes the way Democrat governors and mayors actually like, indeed seem to lust after, public disorder, chaos, violence, arson, and endless rioting! That’s apparently they way they want things to be! And, in this environment of manufactured public bedlam, Democrats say they don’t want their voters to have guns! Their (former) voters are rebelling! “Social media has made y’all way too comfortable with disrespecting people, and not getting punched in the face!” Mike Tyson /John