29 Apr 20
Shadow Systems
I now have my copy of the Shadow Systems’ MR920 Pistol about which I commented last January at this year’s SHOT Show.
Using the G19 as a model, the MR920 is designed as an “ergonomically enhanced” personal-defense carry-pistol. However, the MR920 does not use any Glock parts, and the entire gun is manufactured in America (TX).
The pistol is compact, slim, and very light, with no extra bulk, nor weight, nor maladroit protrusions. For a formidable 16-shooter, it is a pleasure to carry!
“Cat’s tongue” texturing on backstrap and grips. Excellent 5-pound trigger. Snappy reset. Ameriglow’s front sight.
My copy does not have an optic (at my request).
I took my copy to the Range today and put several hundred rounds of high-performance 9mm+p through it, Super-Vel, Defiant Munitions, Underwood, and Lehigh Defense.
The Manual that comes with the MR920 recommends a “break-in” of 200 rounds before carrying the gun for serious purposes. My experience today suggests that is probably unnecessary, as this pistol handily digested all ammunition I had with me, slow-fire and rapid-fire, without any hiccups.
For the past year-and-a-half I’ve been carrying my SIG320, and I have no complaints! That pistol has been my constant companion, has never let me down, and enjoys my sincerest recommendation!
Prior to that, I carried my G48, and my Walther PPQ prior to that. Both are also excellent, and recommended.
Now, I’ll be carrying and using my MR920. I’m satisfied that it is up to the task!
It retails for under 1k, and the MR920 thus represents a nice “custom” carry-pistol. I know all the central personalities at Shadow Systems, and I admire their personal devotion to excellence and to the advancement of our Art.
You can see the MR920 at Shadow System’s Web Page.
I’ll continue to report!