19 Dec 13

“Solutions” in NY

In the “liberal utopia” of NY, it is apparently very “PC-sheik” for
school officials to publically, and oh, so piously, declare that they just “can’
t fathom” all the bad things that can happen to people on campuses for
which they’re responsible.

A local police official in the Buffalo area even suggests that potential
victims of school violence defend themselves with staplers! Victims in “the
fight for their lives” are apparently allowed to “fight,” just so long as
it is hapless, pointless, and has no chance of success. Fighting in an
effective way, that has some chance of succeeding, is unthinkable, and, of
course, strictly forbidden in “Utopia!”.

With that in mind, NY school officials have declared that the very thought
of armed police officers in their schools is just too intense to
contemplate. They can’t abide guns, even when worn by sworn police! So, their ”
solution” to the threat of criminal violence on schools campuses is:

> More CCTV cameras. They’ve been an awesome deterrent in the past, haven’
t they?

> ID card-scanners on glass doors. Now, that will represent a dazzling
barrier to active murderers, won’t it?!

It is ever astonishing to me the lengths to which public officials will go
in an effort to avoid thinking!

Personal agendas always come before logic, common sense, safety, even
lives. How can they claim to care a whit for the lives of students for whom
they’re responsible?

Students and teachers remain unprotected. Leftist agendas remain in place!

“The Final Struggle will be between Communists and ex-Communists”