1 July 21
“… sinister men with terrible secrets”
Iris Murdoch
Our current Chairman of the JCS piously claims to have been “shocked” when he read a recent AP news article that reported thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of guns (rifles, pistols, LMGs) missing from our military armories, within CONUS.
The “problem” continues, and our current gaggle of “woke” star-wearers seem unable to get it under control.
They can’t even determine how many guns are missing, but their “estimate” is doubtless amply understated!
The vast majority of these “missing guns” have been stolen, and many are subsequently used in violent crimes, significantly contributing to our current national out-of-control crime-wave.
So, while our excuse-making JSC Chairman is saying, “No one was more surprised than I …,” ad nauseam, nothing is being done.
Instead, the JRB Administration wants only to confiscate legally-owned guns from all Americans who don’t commit crimes!
Thus, nothing will be done about our military “gun-leakage problem,” because the Pentagon’s Wizard of Woke and his “anti-gun Mafia” will continue to concentrate, not on defending our nation, but only on a sinister Soviet-style purge of all non-Democrats and other “suspicious individuals” from military service.
Accordingly, woke generals will never take the fall for their own obvious incompetence and abject failure.
They’ll never have to face objective consequences for misdeeds and negligence.
Conversely, when any of your guns are missing, you’ll be throw in prison!
This is the lamentable state of affairs in 2021!
Law-abiding, patriotic American gun-owners, not real criminals, are slated for punishment.
Meanwhile, “gun-leakage” from our military armories will continue unabated, and unaddressed.
Our national violent crime-wave will wax worse, and no one cares!
You’re on your own!
“To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity.”
Oscar Wilde