4 Nov 21
“People often believe they are ‘safe’ in the light, thinking monsters only came out at night.
But ‘safety,’ like light itself, is a facade!”
CJ Roberts
“Safe” Places?
Did Mexican LEOs react decisively to take-out multiple gunmen who stormed the beach at the swank Hyatt Hotel in Cancun today?
Not a chance!
In fact, in the aftermath Mexican “authorities,” conspicuous only by their absence, don’t seem to have any idea how at least two “active shooters” actually died!
These same Mexican authorities are a bit too eager to rush to label the armed beach-stormers as “drug dealers” who, for some odd reason, decided to attack each other on a swank beach.
As always in Mexico, details are hard to come by, but it looks as if no monied-but-naive foreign tourists (mostly Americans) on this ritzy beach were harmed. They’re all safe for now, through no fault of their own!
Rich elites like to foolishly believe that armed evil-doers cannot reach them.
A few at least today, mostly naked and shivering while huddled together, learned just how stupid that belief is!
Comment: My advice is not to go anywhere in Mexico!
For one, I don’t go places where I can’t be armed.
I harbor no naive ideas about immortality, but I won’t die in a “massacre.”
They’ll have to earn it!
“You’re never ‘perfectly safe.’ No human being on Earth is, nor ever was.
To live is to risk your life, your heart, everything.”
Rick Yancey