9 Nov 21
“We continue to be exasperated by the view, apparently gaining momentum in certain circles, that armed robbery is ‘okay’ so long as nobody gets hurt!
The proper solution to armed robbery is a dead robber!”
Jeff Cooper
“Open the floodgates?”
NYC’s liberal elite have fought tirelessly for decades to keep handguns in their hands, but out of the hands of “ordinary” New Yorkers, particularly hands of political opponents!
Today, “Guns-for-me-but-not-for-thee” continues to be sentimental favorite refrain of NYC’s police commissioners, all of whom are graciously gifted with “non-expiring and unrestricted” NYC pistol possession and concealed-carry licenses upon leaving One Police Plaza for their cushy retirement.
Meanwhile, unarmed-by-edict, all other New Yorkers continue to be attacked/maimed/murdered with impunity by violent, armed criminals (who are unworried about NYC’s gun laws), emboldened and enfranchised by NY’s leftist politics. Having scant fear of arrest, even less of incarceration, criminals are triumphantly practicing violence and mayhem during NYC’s current horrendous crime wave, all with scant interference from police!
Unconcerned, NYC’s current police commissioner, confines his fear to our nation’s Supreme Court, where NYC’s draconian gun laws may soon be thrown out!
He is so fearful, in fact, that honest American citizens living in NYC will actually be able to exercise their Second Amendment Rights (after one-hundred years of denial), he is predicting that any change in the existing law will “open the floodgates” and turn NYC into “the Wild West!”
Any attempt, he argues, to reform NYC’s incessantly scandal-prone and periodically disgraced “license division” is unthinkable!
That’s, of course, what Marxists always say when confronted with the unthinkable prospect of free citizens actually exercising their rights!
The “Wild West” they always predict never happens, and when confronted with the fact that their dire predictions are unfounded, they promptly develop amnesia!
Never fails!
The commissioner continues, “Let us (the police) deal with the criminals illegally carrying guns” The trouble is of course, they’re not dealing with it! Indeed, they’ve been ordered not to deal with it by the very Marxist politicians whom armed criminals keep in power!
New Yorkers need to understand that pro-criminal, leftist politicians are not on their side.
Never were!
Don’t go there!
“Every society has the criminals that it deserves.”
Havelock Ellis