9 Apr 20
Communist Chinese know and understand, that the economies of virtually all of Western civilization, since the end of WWII, have been shakily based upon exponentially increasing national debts (to be supposedly paid-off by yet-unborn generations of citizens who conveniently can’t vote against it), propped-up by non-stop printing presses, producing relentlessly inflating paper script.
Of course, over here we know and understand all that too. It is hardly a secret!
Yet, its underlying wickedness is so embarrassing, that among politicians it has become “subject-non-grata.”
Western leftist politicians surreptitiously know and understand that the only way to “preserve” this unsustainable, faltering civilization that they’ve brought about, is to inexorably move in the direction of an authoritarian, disciplinarian, slavery-based state, similar to what currently exists in China. Thus, as they relentlessly take-away our individual liberties and rights as citizens, while simultaneously bribing us with our own money, they assure us, as they always have, they they’re “doing it for our own good!”
So, the Chinese have concluded, I believe, that military invasion of the USA, and all of Western Civilization ,is unnecessary, as we are all becoming them!
Back here, leftist politicians, joined by China’s “wholly-owned subsidiaries” (WHO, the NBA, NBC, et al), predictably insist that the current Corona Virus pandemic is all DJT’s fault, and that China can do no wrong, and is trying to save us!
Where China “invests,” strictly adhering to, and broadcasting, their political dogma is not only “suggested,” it is compulsory, as we see!
China’s political and media mouthpieces coincidentally cannot say enough bad things about HQC and other promising treatments, because of course China and domestic leftists (Democrats) desperately want this crisisto go on forever!
California’s Democrat governor has even said, out loud, that this national emergency should be “used” to promote leftist agendas!
Never let a good disaster go to waste, eh Governor?
Meanwhile, in China recovery is curiously proceeding splendidly, way ahead of everyone else!
Wuhan, the virus’ supposed epicenter, is almost back to normal!
Neither Beijing, nor Shanghai, are on lockdown, and never were!
Corona virus has struck a number of national leaders around the world, but not one of China’s political nor military leaders have contracted the disease.
There is scant doubt that this current virus is a product of China’s ongoing biological warfare research.
The only real question is:
Was its release an accident, or intentional?

To Communists, particularly Chinese Communists, the “difference” between five million and ten million dead is merely a “rounding error!”