7 Apr 20

DTI Quips are now posted and accessible on the DTI Web Page at:
2020 Quips are also posted on the DTI Facebook Page at:
defense training International
All 2020 Quips, including today’s, come up when you go to defense-training.com and click on  “Quips”
Go to the bottom of that page, and you’ll see a “search rectangle”
Type-in the year and you can real all DTI Quips, all the way back to 1998!  There are over 6k!
You can also search by subject!
John Boynton has really done a bang-up job on this!
We’ll be posting Operator Series videos next!
Vicki and I hope to be back mobile next month.  We’ll see!
All DTI Courses are listed on the “Schedule” section, and you can register directly for any, via credit-card, on the DTI Web Page.
Any problems, get hold of me directly at jsfarnam@aol.com