14 Sept 22
“Victorious warriors win first, then go to war.
Defeated warriors go to war first, then seek to win”
Sun Tzu
Lethality and “Stopping Power”
At a recent DTI Course, I had in my Class several southwestern State Troopers.
State Troopers work alone and are dangerously isolated for much of their shifts. When they find themselves in a desperate circumstance, it is often in a remote location where it will be an hour or more before any kind of assistance can get to them.
Democrats value the safety of violent criminals far above that of LEOs and citizens, as we see in Democrat-run metro areas. Violent criminals in those places are seldom arrested. When they are, they are seldom detained. Half-hearted “prosecution” on the part of pro-criminal Democrat “prosecutors” means that many vicious, dangerous criminals will never see the inside of a prison, nor even a jail, and they’ll be predictably committing violent, criminal offenses every minute they are at-large.
With the foregoing in mind, and with violent criminals thus having little to fear from our crippled (by design) criminal/justice system, Troopers have started thinking of their issued M4 as their primary weapon, with their pistol(s) being relegated to “backup” status.
Thus, many are “wearing” their M4 during their entire shift, taking it with them every time they exit their vehicle, even on traffic stops, particularly at night!
The upshot has been that the percentage of duty-shootings by State Troopers using rifles (mostly M4s in 5.56×45), rather than pistols, is far higher than it was just a few years ago. Rifles are now used by troopers even in close-range encounters where pistols used to dominate.
Resulting shooting statistics reveal several interesting trends:
1) Very few violent felons live through it!
When hit with an M4 round, even once, anywhere in the torso area, most felons are unconscious and DRT, usually within seconds.
When similarly hit with pistol round(s), felons remain conscious and fully animated far longer, sometimes for several minutes. Most do not die as a result, but live to finagle a sleazy “deal” with an indulgent prosecutor, then go on to commit more felonies!
Producing a wound that thus instantly “de-animates” a threat, invariably means the wound is ultimately lethal. Lethality and “stopping power” are thus unwaveringly linked. You can’t have one without the other!
I see no issue with that! Only idiots suggest that when shooting is acutely necessary, we shoot homicidal felons “a little bit!”
2) The fight ends quickly.
In any lethal confrontation, getting the fight over with quickly is in the best interests of both officers involved, and the public. Protracted gunfights endanger everyone! Violent felons who are rendered instantly unconscious and off their feet, are able to threaten no one!
So, from the standpoint of officer safety, Troopers are delighted with this trend!
Citizens are too! Sympathy for violent felons is rare, except among soft-headed liberals who would rather see dead police and innocent citizens, than dead criminals.
In this civilization, people are going to die via lethal force, either way!
I’d rather it be mostly evil felons. Only Democrats want it the other way around!
This trend toward rifles, among police and citizens alike, is likely to continue as violent crime continues to wax worse and worse!
“Never argue with stupid people.
They will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience!”
Mark Twain