Ubiquitous Battlefield!

30 Nov 23   In this War, know and understand that “The Battlefield” is everywhere, any time!   Today, three innocent Israeli citizens were murdered (others wounded) via gunfire (M4) yesterday at a Jerusalem bus stop.   Murderers were two Hamas terrorists shooting from a moving vehicle.   Both terrorists were subsequently gunned-down at the […]

“Cultural Lag”

29 Nov 23   “‘Foolishness’ is more than just being stupid. It is that deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance”   Paul D Tripp   Left-Over Foolishness!   Israeli ambulance drivers, courageously doing their best to save the injured on 7 Oct 23, are shown in a recently-released video deploying in an active combat zone […]


20 Nov 23   News from NYS:   The newly-implemented NYS “Ammunition Background Check System” is (to no one’s surprise) an abomination of bureaucratic ineptitude, that was purpose-built to harass and inconvenience innocent NYS gun-owners, and accomplish nothing else.   In order to buy ammunition for any kind of gun, NYS residents now have to […]


17 Nov 23   How “accurate?” What distance?   When I was graduating from Marine OCS in Quantico, VA in 1968, nearly all our small-arms training was with the 1911 Pistol, M14 Rifle, and M60GPMG. Eugene Stoner’s AR was just coming into the System, and we were only able to shoot a few rounds through […]

“Good Victims!”

14 Nov 23   A NYC subway-rider recently witnessed a violent mugging of a woman on a NYC subway platform near Times Square.   A woman was physically, violently attacked by a mugging suspect trying to get her handbag, a common occurrence in NYC, particularly on the subway system.   Another passenger (not otherwise involved), […]

Hog Hunting!

8 Nov 23   Hog Hunting in FL   Today, it was my honor and privilege to go hog hunting as a guest of the Hall Family at Florida Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Adventures at the Oak Island Ranch in Okeechobee, FL   Their Web Page is at floridahuntingadventures.com   I went out this morning […]


7 Nov 23   “‘Intuition’ is knowing something is wrong, but not knowing why”   Gavin DeBecker   We’re going to have to increasingly rely on intuition and “reading between the lines” in order to get a realistic idea of what is really going-on within CONUS, and in the Middle East.   Deliberate misinformation comes […]


1 Nov 23   “The idea that you’re supposed to have ‘special qualifications’ in order to talk about things that are common sense, is just another scam!   It’s another way to marginalize people”   Noam Chomsky   Who is included within “Inclusion?”   Curious that “Diversity” and “Inclusion,” the consecrated “Holy Grail” of leftists, […]


30 Oct 23   “Overly-confident conjecture, ‘backed-up’ by fictional data”   Paul Harrell   Tactical Exorcism!   I routinely hear from beginning students any number of fairy tails that circulate among those who are new to our Art.   Some professing instructors, who are in the process of trying to manufacture an “instant reputation,” put-out […]

Fix your roof!

26 Oct 23   “It all looks great in the showroom!”   Salesman’s expression   Test your gear!   It is not uncommon, during our Urban Rifle Courses, for students (including LEOs) to bring M4s, XCRs, CETMEs, PTR 91s, VHS2s, M1As, M1 Carbines, et al (upon which they have been naively relying for personal protection) […]

“First Responder,” or “First Victim?”

24 Oct 23   “‘Good enough’ never is!”   Debbie Fields   Terrorist activity within CONUS, along with general violent crime, is on an exponential increase and is likely to get much worse.   The situation is so discouraging that our leftist media is desperately/deliberately under-reporting all violent crime, because it makes their Democrat darlings […]


19 Oct 23   “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.”   Dorothy Allison   The Art of Half-Truth, as currently practiced by our leftist “news media”   Like “political correctness” (tyranny upon free speech), half-truth infects our discourse.   Two separate news reports, by two different news stations, […]


17 Oct 23   Palestinians!   As the situation in Israel and Gaza continues to immolate, JRB himself is scheduled to visit Israel tomorrow aboard Air Force One for “conferences” with politicians from Israel and other area nations.   Probably not a good idea, given local circumstances!   In any event, a delegation from Jordan […]


13 Oct 23   Predicting the Future!   Lacking the gift of prophesy, I’m going to make predictions anyway:   Israel’s offensive operation(s) in Gaza, maybe Lebanon, will be spectacularly successful, though casualties will be significant. Many Hamas members, and others, will be DRT   As it goes on, spineless Euroweenies, anti-Jewish elements at the […]


12 Oct 23   “Feelings!”   This morning, I heard a NYC politician say, “… we just want to feel safe.” This in response to a world-wide call today by an Iranian official for anti-Jewish/anti-Western violence this Saturday, by all Islamics, no matter where they are.   NYPD is on high alert, as are PDs […]

Short Memories!

11 Oct 23   More Lessons:   “Lessons learned at bitter cost are promptly forgotten, usually within a single generation, and thus must be “re-learned” all over again (at great price) by the foolish who don’t study history”   Anon   The War has started. It’s too late to “do it differently!”   There is […]


10 Oct 23   Some Lessons:   1) Hamas terrorists are wearing chest-rigs over civilian clothing.   Quick in. Quick out!   2) Current anti-Israel protests in NYC and Harvard University display signs labeled “Party for Socialism and Liberation” These exact-same signs are seen at BLM and ANTIFA events (frequently preceding mayhem, arson, and looting, […]


9 Oct 23   In my last Quip, when I said “BHO,” I meant “JRB,” although BHO was not very helpful either!   /John


9 Oct 23   Continuing developments:   The offensive situation in Israel is rapidly gaining momentum.   Intense fighting is imminent, and it will go on for weeks, maybe months, and will involve heavy casualties in any event   There is scant hope for hostages taken by Hamas.   What is less predictable is what […]


8 Oct 23   Update   A friend who was visiting Israel, got caught-up in yesterday’s invasion.   He is okay (for now), but his flight back to CONUS on Monday has, understandably, been canceled.   So he is stuck there, indefinitely!   I suspect that apprehensive circumstance is shared by hundreds, maybe thousands, of […]