7 Feb 19

“Socialism confuses the distinction between government, and private, enterprise.

As a result, every time we object to a thing being done by government, socialists insist that we object to its being done at all!

We disapprove of state education. Socialists claim that we’re opposed to all education.

We object to a state religion. Socialists claim that we’re opposed to all religion.

We object to a state-enforced equality. They respond that we must be opposed to equality.

It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting citizens to eat, because we do not want the state to raise grain.

I do not dispute their right to manufacture ‘social issues,’ advertise them, advocate for them, and to try them upon themselves,

… but at their own expense and personal risk.

However, I do dispute their ‘right’ to impose these coseismic plans upon the rest of us by law, by force, and to compel us to pay for them with our taxes.”

Bastiat, France in 1840

As we see, what is being advocated by the current crop of socialist/Marxists/progressives in Washington DC, and assorted state capitols, is nothing new!

These totalitarians, claim they want to:

1. “Feed us,” (but only what they think we should eat, and only in amounts they deem “good for us”),

2. “Take care of our medical needs” (but only what they decide what is “necessary” and “in the best interests of the ‘group’ to which we’ve been involuntarily assigned”)

3. “Sustain us,” (by making poverty and squalor universal, as they have in Venezuela)

4. “Protect us from violent criminals,” (but only as a “group;” no individual act of self-defense, nor for that matter any display of individual initiative, is ever tolerated)

5. “Protect us from our own foolishness” (and, the most foolish decision any citizen can ever make is to speak-out against, or even have reservations about, their arbitrary wielding of power which is, and should be, unlimited)

Curiously, not one of these professing socialists wants any of the foregoing to every apply to themselves, personally.

They have no interest in any “dietary restrictions” upon themselves. They’ll never starve, nor will they ever lack for heat, nor air-conditioning!

They have in-place a “special” medical system, available only to them, where they get to make all their own individual health decisions, absent any restriction, and regardless of cost.

They have their own cushy “retirement program,” unavailable to the rest of us, which is designed to insure they never want for anything so long as they live!

They live in isolated, splendorous luxury, behind heavy gates, walls, electronic barriers, heavily-armed bodyguards at their beckon call (all provided at taxpayer expense), and curiously their bodyguards are all armed with the same guns they claim the rest of us shouldn’t have!

And, while they cynically profess to be oh-so concerned about the “poor,” isn’t it interesting that the “poor,” diseased, homeless, illegal immigrants, and “misunderstood” violent criminals are never invited into their homes, neighborhoods, nor their children’s exclusive, private schools!

Thus, while they lavishly insulate themselves against every form of unpleasantness, they simultaneously, and so self-righteously, insist the rest of us have it all forced upon us, while we remain severely restricted from any kind of individual initiative, particularly with regard to personal safety.

Since the 1840s, the foregoing has never changed!

“Questions are treated equally by Marxists.

Ask a question, get shot!

Very uniform.

No discrimination.

Pure equality!”