12 Feb 19

“Hard times create strong men
Strong men create good times
Good times create weak men
Weak men create hard times”

TJ Weber

From a friend in the UK:

“It is as if we have suddenly developed a societal death-wish over here!

Our Trotskyites are tirelessly working towards their standard goal:

A one-way takeover of our country

Theresa May has no chance!

Trotskyites, as always, claim to be on the side of “downtrodden proletariat masses,” and in favor of stripping and punishing (eventually imprisoning) “evil capitalists”

When I was fighting Communists in Africa, just as you were in Vietnam, it was our privilege and honor at least to fight honest bad guys!

Like you, I am so deathly tired of listening to Janus-faced really bad guys, pretending to be “enlightened sophisticates!”

I’m hoping you Americans are seeing through your own Trotskyites’ (liberals) false rhetoric.

In the interim, train hard and well, my friend and comrade!”

Comment: We’ve already heard (in public) from many Democrat politicians that our Second Amendment must be repealed and done-away with, since they’ve been pitifully unsuccessful in persuading us that it doesn’t really mean what it plainly says.

How long will it be before we’re hearing from these same mouths that our entire Constitution needs to be abolished and replaced with a Soviet-style “Master Plan?” After all, our Constitution has already been amended twenty-seven times. Isn’t it time to just scrap it altogether?

Is “Trotskyites” too severe a term?

“Root-out counter-revolutionaries without mercy.

Lock-up suspicious characters in concentration camps.

Shirkers will be shot, regardless of past service.”

Leon Trotsky