31 Jan 23′
“Sometimes, ‘de-escalation’ does not represent a legitimate, nor a viable, solution to determined criminal violence”
Anonymous CO Sheriff
Bibi is back!
Nine Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp were killed on Thursday during a three-hour-long gun battle between IDF Operators and Islamic Jihad terrorists.
Israelis are, once again, choosing to take the fight directly to fanatical enemies, without worrying about which nations will be self-righteously wringing their hands at the UN.
Bibi, along with most Israelis, is weary of being expected to apologize for not wanting to be victims of terrorists!
Aspiring Palestinian jihadis need to take note!
In addition, Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, told reporters:
“When our civilians have guns, they can defend themselves”
Well, Duh!
He needs to come over here, so we can all vote for him!
What a powerful statement of truth, and an enduring answer to the “Let’s all be good little victims” philosophy foisted upon Americans by Democrats.
Yes, armed and trained civilians, along with highly-trained military units, keep Israel safe, in a way that nothing else can, as we see!
Oh, that we had such righteous and competent political leadership over here!