29 Sept 23
“Instead of Gnostics, we have Existentialists and God-is-dead theologians
Instead of Neo-Platonists, devotees to Zen
Instead of desert hermits, heroin addicts.
Instead of mortification of the flesh, sado-masochistic pornography.
As for public entertainment, fare offered on television is still a shade less brutal than that provided by the Roman Amphitheater, but only a shade, and may not be so for long!”
WH Auden
“Aggressive” shoplifting is quickly morphing into armed robbery. This phenomenon is the predictable “next step!”
Two adults, along with two teenagers, formed an “aggressive” shoplifting team that hit a Home Depot in GA earlier this week.
In the process, one of the thieves attacked a store employee, sending the latter to the hospital.
It’s not uncommon now, in the same Atlanta area, for thieves to actually start fires inside of stores, so that they can steal merchandise during the “distraction.” These fires cause hundred of thousands of dollars in damage (in addition to the stolen merchandise), but thieves of course don’t care, and sleazy politicians who choose to speak for them care even less.
Thieves commit these acts of thievery, combined with criminal violence, with absolute confidence that they will never be arrested, nor prosecuted, nor ever see the inside of a jail.
Of course, leftists/Marxists don’t believe in “private property.” Accordingly, they think thievery and vandalism are not crimes. In fact, in NYC, all of CA and IL, certainly Atlanta, thievery is now legal. There is never a penalty (nor even so much as an inconvenience) as we see!
In fact, anyone who even suggests that our government, in the personage of police and prosecutors, ought to exercise their sworn duty to protect us and our hard-earned property, can expect to be immediately excoriated as a “racist!”
In any civilized society worthy of the title, property crimes are vigorously prosecuted. Otherwise, we descend into a third-world shithole, which we in fact see happening now in the above-mentioned places.
Media-promoted personal-safety advice:
“Go only to well-lighted places, covered by CCTV cameras, and with other people around”
Is still valid, but doesn’t come with a guarantee!
The average American citizen is probably not thinking in terms of desperately trying to exit a large store filled with toxic smoke!
Times are changing rapidly, and Operators thus have to increase our level of awareness, and tweak lifestyles as appropriate. These thieves and vandals, in addition to being amoral, are extremely dangerous!
At one time, elected officials used to actually care about our personal safety and the integrity of our valuable personal property that we labor so hard to acquire. We, and it, enjoyed real value in the eyes of our politicians.
Not any more!