5 Oct 23
False gods!
A thirty-two-year-old, self-proclaimed “social justice activist,” was randomly (apparently) attacked and stabbed to death on a NYC sidewalk early Tuesday morning, as he walked with his girlfriend.
This “activist” received a fatal lesson on realities of self-protection as he tried (unsuccessfully) to deal with a maniac (presumably one of the very people he professed to be ‘helping’) who was armed with a knife.
Unedited video of the altercation is unavailable on news media reports. When inconvenient truth is made plainly visible, media always excuses itself by saying, “… images are too disturbing to show”
In reality, the media predictably considers all truth that does not fit its leftist agenda “too disturbing to share!”
As noted, this homicide victim was a far-left “activist,” who, with religious fervor (like all leftists), passionately campaigned to defund police, ban guns, and eliminate incarceration of criminals, the same flawed philosophy that has made NYC, along with many other leftist-run metro areas, so desperately unsafe, as we see!
Like so many of his ilk, he end was that of just another hapless victim.
“I care not for a man’s ‘religion,’ whose dog and cat are not the better for it.”
Abraham Lincoln