14 Mar 16

2016 “Polite Society” Event and Training Conference in Memphis, TN

Vicki and I just departed Memphis, TN and the 2016 Polite Society Conference there.

This annual event, put on by my friends and colleagues Tom and Lynne Givens, has become a fixture on my annual calender. It is held at the Memphis PD Academy, and includes lecture, hands-on, and range classes and instruction by well-known and celebrated instructors, like Mas Ayoob, Craig Douglas, John Murphy, Tom Givens, Paul Sharp, John Hearn, and many others, including me . Range Classes covered everything from snubby revolvers to ARs.

It represents a wonderful opportunity for me to get together with old friends and colleagues, as well as young ones, and see what everyone else is doing and teaching. We all get a chance to catch-up on the “State of the Art!”

Our nation is in virtual “suspense” right now, awaiting the conclusion of this election year. Personal defensive skills and equipment will continue to be critical to the wise. Interest will explode after November, or sooner, no matter who comes out on top!

The body of skills and knowledge we cherish and advance is, and will continue to be, crucially important to all of us, and our students.

Get hold of Tom Givens at rangemaster.tom and make arrangements to join us next year!