18 Nov 16

2016 ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators’ and Trainers’ Association) Convention in Rosemont (Chicago), IL

Vicki and I attended our just-concluded annual Convention. Both of us presented Classes, participated in panel discussions, as well attending as many other Classes as we could.

Vendor’s area was big, as usual.

Live-fire Range Classes were available, as well as dozens of informative lectures by subject-matter experts. Glock, Sig, and S&W all put-on Armorer’s Certification Classes. I only wish In could attend them all!

For crowd-control and other sub-lethal applications, I’m told 37mm smoothbore launchers are giving way to 40mm, rifled launchers, due to increased accuracy and range. In addition, a company called SDI had on display an impressive line of 40mm sub-lethal munitions, including non-penetrating impact, CS, and various marking rounds. They also have a baton round combined with an odor-vapor disbursion. Called the “Malororant” round, upon impact the vapor is so foul-smelling, it makes people seriously nauseated. I can see this breaking-up ill-behaving crowds quickly! Contact Ross at rbotha

Several video-simulators were set-up and available to participate in, which I did. The Milo System is most impressive! Its ability to simulate reality with a smooth flow of operator-adjustable events is astonishing!

Sig marketed a Chinese-made Aimpoint H1 copy some time ago. I have a copy of the “old” model, and it has always run fine. However, it has now been superceded by Sig’s “Romeo 4B.” It is an H1 look-alike, but it comes with Sig’s own riser and quick-release mount, both of which are very well made. The unit itself is a 2moa RDO, but you can have a single dot, or a dot with a surrounding circle (much like EOTech’s), all in the same unit. It comes in at less than half the price of an Aimpoint T2!

Beretta’s long-awaited Glock-like pistol, the APX, did not make its appearance, as I thought it might. In fact, Beretta didn’t even have a booth there, but Glock, Sig, SA, and S&W did.

One could feel a pervading atmosphere of “suspense,” as we all nervously await the conclusion of the current rapidly-evolving election season. Several lecture Classes, conducted by players well-connected at the highest federal and international levels, without divulging specifics, assured us that this summer and fall will see “exciting” events unfolding internationally, and that we are all thus well advised to (1) stay alert and pay attention, (2) avoid international travel, and (3) go armed. Personal preparation (in depth), combined with alertness and much caution, are the order of the day. All of us, in addition to pistols (which we’ve always owned and carried) should now have personal military rifles, close at hand, equipped with high-quality optics (precisely sighted-in), plenty of fully-charged magazines, and with which we train regularly. World history is blossoming rapidly, and the news is not good!

All police officers, particularly trainers, need to be members of ILEETA, and need to come to this conference. It is too good to miss!

Next year’s Convention will be in St Louis!