19 May 17


From a friend and colleague in MD:

S&W’s M&P 2.0 in 45ACP has really caught-on here in MD, along with the SIG 320 in the same caliber, and SA’s XD/S in the same caliber, and also the Kahr PM45!

All address a specific political issue when you live in a state like MD (also NY, NJ, CA, CT), where magazine capacity of pistols is legally limited. Here in MD, magazine capacity is limited to ten rounds (for now at least).

The M&P M2 and the SIG 320 (both in 45ACP) are double-column pistols. The SA/XD/S and the Kahr PM45 (both also in 45ACP) are single-column and thus significantly flatter than the former two. Magazine capacity for the double-columns mentioned is ten rounds. For the single-columns, it is 5-6 rounds.

So, you can carry a 6/7-shooter, or (with a little more bulk), an 11-shooter.

The point is this:

Like you, I prefer to carry a high-capacity, double-column 9mm pistol, so I can have 16-20 rounds at my disposal, all without reloading. However, when you’re legally limited to ten-round magazines, there is no point in carrying a pistol with its magazine filled mostly with air, instead of cartridges!

All the above pistols, with magazines, can be shipped directly to MD, and may be purchased retail by anyone who is legally able to own guns. And, all are well suited to concealed carry, the specific purpose for which all were designed.

I carry my M&P M2 with Cor-Bon 160gr DPX. I am thus perfectly legal, even in MD, yet well armed, by any standard!”

Comment: Without getting into my customary rant about politics, I have to say that my friend’s strategy makes sense. When you must live in MD, the four pistols mentioned above all represent acceptable choices, particularly the S&W and the SIG.

I carry my Kahr PM45 as a backup, also with Cor-Bon DPX, and have for the past decade. It is comfortable, and it always runs! Many among the small-statured carry it as a main gun. My wife often carries her SA/XD/S, also as a main gun.

I like lots of rounds at my disposal, no doubt. While we continue to fight against restrictive legislation, I can see why the above pistols are currently popular, particularly in the states mentioned!

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