19 May 17

“Never open the door to a ‘lesser evil,’ for greater ones invariably slink in after it.”

Baltasar Gracián

Comments on my last Quip, from a colleague and Rabbi:

“Centuries ago, Rabbi Hillel (of so goes the legend), was asked by a skeptic if he could succinctly define his religion, all while standing on one foot. The latter requirement was added so as to put an emphasis on getting to the point quickly!

His answer (loosely translated) was:

‘What is evil unto you, do not to unto others. The rest is commentary. Now, go and study.’

Modern-day terrorists are mostly happy to have what they ‘do unto others’ being ‘done unto them.’ They will for example, voluntarily blow themselves up. Thus, blowing up others is consistent with Rabbi Hillel’s definition, but for the ‘commentary.’

I think that places them, and all VCAs (Violent Criminal Actors), outside the definition of ‘humanity!’

Darwin spoke of human evolution as something that relentlessly moves us in the direction of survival of our species. For terrorists, if their route is the path to specie survival, we’re all doomed, and relatively quickly!

Accordingly, in my opinion, we denizens of Western Civilization are all obligated, by the future of our genetics, to stay alert and prepared, so that the best of humanity is preserved and enhanced, indeed is worth preserving!

Even so, there are still ‘acts of nature,’ (‘Force Majur,’ I think they’re called) so staying alert and prepared always remains invaluable, and at the heart of our personal arsenal, whether threats take human form or not.

And, that suggests that we are obligated to have the ‘arsenal’ to begin with!”

My comment:

The foregoing was recognized as “self-evident” by this nation’s heroic Founders, and thus wisely embodied within our Second Amendment.

Evil is real, and it fatally infects souls of many. Pretending evil does not exist is a certain recipe for a short life!

Our war with evil, and evil men, is currently (in case you haven’t noticed) a shooting war. We have to fight!

The only question is:

Are you prepared to fight effectively, or are you just another naive VBC (Victim, by Choice)?

Either way, evil is coming to a place near you- ready or not!

“Resolution to avoid evil is seldom framed until evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible.”

Thomas Hardy