28 Sept 21
“In a single generation, the USA has gone from undisputed leader in the ‘Idea Economy,’ to a censored and barren wasteland of ‘wokeness.’”
AE Samaan
Say Goodby to 1A!
Nevada has, by choice, become victim to the current wave of Marxism, now gripping our country. Other blue counties, and likely states, will quickly follow.
Clark County has passed an ordinance making it a crime to “disseminate misinformation.”
Curiously, “misinformation” is nowhere defined in the regulation!
Obviously, Democrat politicians are just fine with such ambiguous, confused laws that arbitrarily “criminalize” an American Citizen’s exercise of his First Amendment rights!
Implications are staggering!
When confronted with legitimate data that contradicts their Communist political agenda, these same Marxists will predictably refer to supposed “science” as their go-to excuse for throwing critics into prison.
“Contradictionists” ( a term coined in a popular medical journal which confirms their belief that anyone going against their pet “politi-pharms” needs to be arrested and imprisoned) have become a new type of felon!
We contradictionists are no longer allowed to present/publish, nor even talk about, legitimate data contradictory to Marxist dogma.
I naively thought the basis of scientific discovery was providing a safe place for free and unfettered public discourse.
I’m clearly a criminal now for even suggesting that!
Yet, all human progress has been the direct result of “contradictionists” boldly speaking-out, challenging rotting, ossified convention.
We have been betrayed!
Now, we’re being suffocated!
“Imagine what public outcry would result if our president stated he didn’t wish Blacks nor Jews to settle in the United States, not because they’re Jewish nor black, but because he is afraid of them.
Since his motivation is fear, not race nor religion, he is not “discriminating!”
Mark M Bello