13 Jan 21
“Opportunities are never ‘lost.’
They go to someone who’s awake and ready to host them attentively.”
Vincent Okay Nwachukwu (African Proverb)
“We want our individuals to have the right to self-defense”
This is from Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau on Monday, reacting to last week’s incidents in DC.
That statement was then further defined by DOD shortly thereafter:
“National Guard troops in the Washington area would not be far from their weapons.”
“… not be far from their weapons?”
This sounds like Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 Dec 1941, when all weapons and ammunition were locked-up in armories, and the guy with the key just somehow could not be found!
I can imagine a deployed and isolated National Guardsman speaking softly to an armed and aggressive assailant:
“If you intend to harm me, I have this to say:
Before you make another move, just understand that my weapons are not far away!”
I’m sure the bad guy will be really impressed!
Once again, our so-called “armed forces” going armed is currently a concept so utterly foreign within our modern military that there is apparently no one capable of thinking outside the “box,” with which we have boxed ourselves in!
Can our magnificent troopers be trained to safely carry small arms in a high state of readiness routinely?
Apparently not!