10 Jan 21
“It is, of course, the first recourse of every elitist to see social barbarism in others.”
Graham Joyce

Guns and police for me, but not for thee!
On Wednesday, terrified senators and congressmen at the Capitol desperately bleated over their cell phones for police, any kind of police, to bring guns and immediately come to their aid!
Curiously, many of these same career politicians have expended their entire tenure in politics expressing rabid hatred for police, guns, and our Second Amendment!
Apparently, when guns and police are protecting their precious fannies, guns and police are suddenly their best friends!
But, when those same police, and those same guns, are protecting a home or business owned by an “ordinary”
American, they need to be gelded, de-funded, and all guns need to be confiscated!
The very same Democrat/Marxists, who shrieked on 6 January 21, “Send us right now, police with guns!” will be voting to de-fund police and forcibly confiscate our guns the very next chance they get.
These are the same sleazy hypocrites who beg for our votes!