17 Feb 21
“I have respect for good and decent people, of all races, who work, produce, dream, and flourish through honest ambition, who raise virtuous families, create legitimate wealth, and proudly advance our civilization.
I have none for amoral thugs, non-productive societal parasites, who grab, destroy, and loot.
I have even less for equally-sleazy leftist politicians, who support, empower, and protect them.
Leftist politicians, none of whom have ever earned an honest dime, never produced anything of value, dubiously become wealthy, not from honorable work, but from seedy political careers of bribes, race-bating, and extortion, cynically decry honest wealth, while hiding their own.”
SA ex-patriot
Now we hear a strident call by Democrats for a Trotsky-style “Truth Commission,” to “investigate white supremacy,” and empowered to “hold those responsible accountable”
Loosely translated in to plain English:
“Impoverish, disenfranchise, marginalize, and imprison all who dare withhold support from our leftist wet-dream of a socialist/Communist America.”
Curiously, Democrats express no concern for good and decent Americans that their precious and protected BLM and ANTIFA thugs viciously harmed all last year, and continue to harm via wanton destruction of property and personal attacks.
Vile hatred that leftists universally harbor against the good and decent among us can be explained only by the fact that “good and decent” is something they are not, nor can ever be! Leftists couldn’t be honest, even if they wanted to be. They are not respectable, neither personally, nor politically. They are cheesy sleaze, every one of them, and that is all they can ever be.
They know it, and they know we know it!
Only the worst people are attracted to leftist politics!
Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Castro are all alive and well, under different names!
History appears poised to repeat itself, not on the distant Eurasian Continent, but here in the Western Hemisphere!
“Our way is marked-out.
We will remain true to the Entente (Allies),
and die honorably”
Nikola Pasic, Prime Minister of Serbia, when offered “peace terms” by German General August von
Mackensen, 1916