23 Feb 21
Where Angles Fear to Tread!
Yesterday, the Italian ambassador to the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) was murdered during an armed attack on his convoy as it traveled in Congo’s back-country.
The Ambassador himself, Luca Attanasio, did not live through it, nor did an Italian soldier (Carabinieri), and a local driver. The single soldier was apparently Attanasio’s only bodyguard.
Numerous non-fatal injuries were suffered by others in the convoy.
Motive for the attack is unknown, and will ever remain so.
This, despite “heavy UN peacekeeping presence in the region,” and the fact that the particular road the convoy was on when attacked had been “declared safe!”
“Right of Bang,” DRC’s and Italian governments simultaneously regurgitated the customary vacuous boiler-plate, cynically vowing to “get to the bottom of this…” ad nauseam.
Of course, we all know nothing will be done. No arrests will be made. The whole incident will be quietly swept under the rug and quickly forgotten, and the same thing will happen again next year, in pretty much the same way, probably perpetrated by the same people!
The western media scarcely even reported it!
1. All places in this world are dangerous, some more than others. Accordingly, don’t travel in dangerous places, not expecting to encounter danger!
2. The only one who really, genuinely cares about your safety is you. You’re on your own!
3. When someone says, “Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” reach for your pistol!
4. Never underestimate the cleverness, ingenuity, audacity, nor the depraved wickedness of our enemies. They are not mislabeled when we call them “evil!”
5. Always better to be over-gunned, than out-gunned!
6. Our world is a grievous, desperate place. Never believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Naively, gullibly ignoring the foregoing is a dependable recipe for a short life, as we see!
7. Either way, nobody cares, as we also see!
“Avoid the company of liars, but when you can’t, don’t believe them!”
Bedouin Proverb