23 Aug 21
“See skulking Truth, to her old cavern fled,
Mountains of casuistry heaped o’er her head!
Philosophy, that leaned on Heaven before,
Shrinks to her ‘second cause,’ and is no more.
Physic of Metaphysic begs defense,
And Metaphysic calls for aid on Sense!
See Mystery to Mathematics fly!
In-vain they gaze, turn giddy, rave, and die!
Religion, blushing, veils her sacred fires,
And unaware, Morality expires.”
Alexander Pope, 1743
Heroic Western Civilization, once the great shining light of mankind, proves itself, like all the rest, only too mortal, too temporary!
Under shameless “leadership,” who daily demonstrate they have “less genius than God gives an ape,” depravity, decay, tastelessness, and sleaziness have displaced righteousness, excellence, sacrifice, and honor.
Arrogant, self-righteous, amoral leftists, as smug as they are sleazy, have seized power, and few dare speak-out against them and their mendacious philosophy.
An anxious world thus plainly witnesses the USA in meteoric decline! Timid, afraid, confused, bankrupt, once-proud America no longer inspires confidence. Our promises are conspicuously worthless, as the balance of rotting Western Civilization decays simultaneously.
Islamics, Russians, Chinese snicker in harmony! They smell blood, have zero sympathy, and little to fear.
Taiwan, Israel, Eastern Europe quake in dread, and should!
A “Great Dark Age” rushes upon us!
History will record that we in the West were never “conquered.”
No, we committed suicide!
“Nor public flame, nor private, dares to shine;
Nor human spark is left, nor glimpse divine!
Lo! thy dread empire, CHAOS! is restored;
Light dies before thy uncreating word:
Thy hand, Great Anarch, lets the curtain fall;
And universal darkness buries all!”
Pope, again.