7 Jan 14

Islamic violence, once again, in Western Europe:

“Sweetest of all is liberty. This we have chosen, and this we pay for. We have embraced the laws of Lykurgus, and they are stern laws. They have schooled us to scorn the life of leisure, which this rich land of ours would bestow upon us if we wished, and instead to enroll ourselves in the academy of discipline and sacrifice. Guided by these laws, our fathers for twenty generations have breathed the blessed air of freedom and have paid the bill in full when it was presented.

We, their sons, can do no less!”

King Leonidas of Sparta, 480BC, from Steven Pressfield’s, “Gates of Fire: An Epic Novel of the Battle of Thermopylae”

Mass murder today in Paris at the office of a newspaper occasionally critical of Mohammed and Islam. Police murdered as well. Murderers, Islamic terrorists (becoming a redundancy!), all escaped. We’ll now likely see more of this throughout Western Europe, and in CONUS!

Naive liberals can’t really call for more disarmament of European sheep, can they? They’re already disarmed. Islamics apparently didn’t get the memo. They never do. AK47s used in the murders all, doubtless, have proper import documents!

Murderous, armed terrorists against disarmed citizenry and complacent “security” (consisting mostly of video cameras) doesn’t reveal genuine tactical competence, but it sufficed in this case. Islamic murderers may have had Syria/Iraq battlefield experience.

French Security Services will be thorough, meticulous, and figure this all out relatively quickly. Like us, they are ever fabulous- after its all over!

What to do about Islamics? Mealy-mouthed, forever apologetic, incompetent governments, here and there, will do nothing!


At the beginning of every day, ask yourself:

Are you really prepared confront evil and determined men who intend to murder you and yours, not because of something you’ve said nor done, but because of whom and what you are?

When you’re a good and productive citizen, the current administration professes not to need you (after all, you “didn’t build it”), but protection and defense of our Constitution may, without warning, mandate your presence.

Stay ready to roll!

Like Spartans before us, we’re painfully discovering that endlessly claiming “neutrality” doesn’t float in this evil world!