5 Jan 14

“Socialized” Medicine, now being “weaponized:”

In NY, a retired police officer, with decades of faithful service, and who has foolishly remained in NY after retirement, was recently treated to a “visit” by local authorities. They came to his home to confiscate his legally-owned guns. No warning and no explanation. The retired officer was forcibly disarmed, and remains defenseless to this day. He will never get his guns back.

NY’s notorious “SAFE Act,” passed in the middle of the night with scant debate (a leftist signature), in the wake of the Newtown, CT shooting incident in December of 2012, makes it a simple matter for the state to arbitrarily declare anyone they wish “mentally ill.” Curiously, there is no comprehensive definition of “mental illness,” nor is there a requirement for a conviction, nor even a requirement for a consensus on the part of a board of doctors. And, once a citizen has been slapped with that aleatory label, he is immediately stripped of his 2nd Amendments rights, and there is no provision for appeal. The designation is permanent. He instantly becomes a second-class citizen (slave), in perpetuity!

Several years earlier, this retired officer sought assistance from doctors for insomnia. At the hospital, staff incorrectly listed him as an “involuntary admission.” And, a SAFE Act reporting provision promptly sealed his fate. The hospital has subsequently admitted to their error, but, as far as the state is concerned, it cannot be corrected. The jobs of an army of erstwhile unemployed bureaucrats depend upon them never admitting to a mistake (another leftist signature).

The retired officer is going to court in order to have his citizenship restored. It will cost him a fortune, take years, and, even when successful, the state will never return his guns!


The real reasons leftists/Marxists push for socialized medicine are:

1) To manufacture an atmosphere of fear and dependancy. When you need to see a doctor, your only choice is a government doctor, who is paid by the

government in any event, and who hence has no motivation to make you happy, nor well. When you try to see your own doctor, who is working only for you, paid by you, and thus has a direct interest in your health, both you and he are penalized!

NY gun-owners dare not seek treatment for any emotional condition. Even talking with a marriage councilor is now dangerously incriminating!

2) To enable them to withhold medical treatment from political opponents. Isn’t it curious that long lines for even the simplest medical services, invariably created by socialized medicine, are always bypassed by politicians! When they need medical treatment, they always go right to the head of the line. The ACA, which is supposed to be so good for us peons, apparently isn’t good enough for them!

Who are in need of medical services will now think twice before writing an editorial critical of leftist politicians. That is, of course, the idea!

3) To enable them to arbitrarily declare political opponents “mentally ill,” instantly stripping them of citizenship, as we see above, and eventually herding them into “mental health facilities,” otherwise known as “gulags.” “Sluggish schizophrenia” was the favorite label used by Joe Stalin to describe anyone caught being openly unhappy with his administration!

The “mentally ill” designation/label/sticker is now a weapon!

Can’t happen here?

Dream on. It is happening now, as we see!