6 Apr 21
The (now deceased) Nation of Islam aficionado who recently used a motor vehicle to attack two USCP
Officers was also toting a common kitchen knife.
He exited his motor vehicle and waved that cooking knife wildly as he charged officers at the scene of the ramming attack. Happily, other officers took care of business without delay.
Suspect was DRT.
No gunfire from the suspect, and the suspect was not an NRA member, nor a registered Republican.
Not much for the media to whine about, eh?
Not so fast!
To the media, violent Republicans are always “terrorists,” while violent Democrats are merely “mentally unbalanced”

Now we see what nauseating, Stalinesque wet-dream is coming next from the left:
Hyper-ventilating leftist media marionettes are suddenly, between gasps, screaming about “dangerous knives,” that are “so easily obtained,” because there are not enough government control.
“Knives are unregulated,” they screech, while nearly fainting!
They are pushing their Democrat commissars in Washington to go “full UK,” first diabolizing all cutlery, and then banning them from private possession, just like guns!
Today in the UK, an innocent bearer of a benign Swiss Army Knife will be arrested and thrown in prison.
It’s coming here!
“Ordinary” citizens can’t be trusted with knives, just as they can’t be trusted with guns, nor with free speech, nor with religion, nor with managing their own lives.
Citizens don’t need freedom. They only need “protection!”
Few ask, “Yes, but who protects us from depraved leftist tyrants?”
Fewer all the time!