2 Apr 21
Watch them squirm!
The now-deceased murderer of a USCP Police Officer who today rammed his car into two USCP Officers, and then jumped-out, knife in hand, is now revealed to have been an ardent follower of the rabidly anti-Semitic, black-separatist Nation of Islam.
How terribly inconvenient this harsh reality must be for breathless Democrat/socialist politicians and their media puppets, who wanted so desperately for today’s wild-eyed cop-murderer to be a pro-Second Amendment, gainfully-employed, tax-paying, Christian or Jewish “deplorable,” in possession of a semi-automatic firearm.
No such luck!
Now, watch startled and displeased media stooges as they twist themselves into knots in order to avoid “discovering” the real ethnic and philosophical background today’s cop-murderer.
They’ll predictably move like lightning to drop this story, as it does not fit their Communist agenda.
They are a disgrace!
“People do evil things, because they are evil. They commit their evil deeds, not to achieve some goal, but just because of the sort of people they are.”
Terry Eagleton