25 Aug 16

American University in Kabul, Afghanistan attacked by ISIS yesterday:

The apparently unguarded, undefended American University was overrun by ISIS fighters yesterday. Fighting lasted ten hours. As expected, many unarmed students and faculty were killed and wounded.

As if we needed to keep restating this:

Terrified and unarmed staff and students sending desperate “tweets,” and posting updated pleas for rescue on Facebook, all while “locked-down” and “sheltering in place” is not an effective defense against murderous, fanatical Islamic jihadi bearing rifles, pistols, and explosives!

Unarmed and helpless “tweeters” ended up face-down on the deck, dead and dying!

As with all arrogantly foolish American academic institutions, this is anti-gun, anti-military, anti-police, anti-individual action idiocy- in action!

Once again, “lock-downs,” “sheltering-in-place,” and all other forms of “learned helplessness” are tantamount to suicide, as we see!

Arrogant, self-indulgent “millennials,” who have been brain-washed by liberal Constitutional criminals to believe guns are “ishy,” had better decide which end of the gun they want to be on, and then be fully prepared to test their theory.

It’s all coming to an institution near you!

“Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.”

Doug MacArthur