10 Sept 01

Latest from LAPD:

“Our Narcotics Group has been using Benelli Super-90 shotguns and AR-15 rifles in its warrant/entry operations since 1996. Prior to 1996, our SWAT guys did their ‘high-risk’ warrants. But, there got to be too many warrants for SWAT to do. So, a separate unit was created within the Narcotics Group itself. These guys are dedicated and well trained. In the five years they have been in operation, they have never had an AD, nor has there ever been any substantiated misconduct.

Now, in spite of the foregoing, our management wants to remove these weapons from Narcotics Group inventory immediately, claiming that they are ‘unnecessary.’ This, of course, from desk warmers who have never served a warrant in their entire career. In the Patrol Division, we’re now all wondering if our fledgling UPR (Urban Police Rifle) and slug-shooting shotgun programs are next.

Our management hates guns, even ours!”

Lesson: Gun haters do not limit their vile hatred to armed citizens. They don’t want police officers armed either. The only people they want to say armed are their own bodyguard details.