7 Sept 01

From a friend with the Capetown Traffic Police:

“A gang of fourteen, heavily armed (AK-47 rifles) men attacked an armored bank vehicle in one of our local suburbs last week. The armored vehicle was rammed from the side, causing it to overturn, a common tactic here. As gang members swarmed over the overturned vehicle in an attempt to break into it, two of our local police patrol officers arrived. There were two officers in two separate vehicles. They arrived simultaneously.

The gang immediately opened fire on them. Most if it was full auto. Our officers (your students- you know who they are), armed only with their issue, nine-millimeter, CZ pistols, loaded with wimpy hardball, took cover, fearlessly held their ground, and returned fire.

Their pistol fire was so accurate that the gang members abandoned the truck and fled. We hit several, but I don’t have the exact body count yet. Both of our officers were unharmed.

Outgunned and outnumbered, our guys saw their duty and, a great personal risk, did not shrink from it. They deserve medals, but, over here, it’s all in a day’s work!”

Lesson: Cowards, no matter how well armed, are no match for well-trained heroes. These magnificent warriors deserve medals indeed. When I see them again next year, I’ll proudly congratulate them in person!