16 Jan 14

“… the status-quo will never want for an advocate”


An almost smirking chairman of the JCS, dressed in a perfectly-pressed class-A uniform continues to downplay threats posed by Islamic jihadis.

He is the perfect background/wallpaper stooge for BHO!

“The dogs of war” is a familiar phrase from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”

“Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!”

The order, “Havoc,” was a signal given to English military forces of the Middle Ages. It directed soldiers to move forward and utterly destroy the enemy.

The chairman’s current orders are obviously to keep our dogs of war confined, continually defenseless, disarmed, and ever-shrinking.

Otherwise, he might actually be required to become a bona-fide warrior, a dynamic leader, a dedicated, determined, and ruthless destroyer of our enemies.

Instead, he and those of his ilk are content to be political marionettes, wearing pretty, class-A uniforms and functioning mostly as wallpaper for endless political diatribes on the part of administration gas-bags.

We never see any in field uniforms, nor, heaven-forbid, actually carrying weapons!

Under the current administration, who today is elevated to the rank of general is a political, rather than a combat, officer. But, what can one expect with a military overseen by grandiloquent “veterans” only of university faculty lounges?

The liberal mind is unfailingly ambivalent in the face of evil. Liberals predictably falter, blame others, make excuses, and whine, but never take personal responsibility, never lead, never prepare, never fight, never really live!