14 Jan 15

Comments from a friend in South Africa:

In 1959 I lived in France, a small village just outside of Geneva Switzerland, on the French border. However, I spent much time in Paris.

On all major intersections there were stationed two French troopers, standing on opposite corners. All were armed with submachineguns, four hand grenades, and a pistol.

At the time, Algerians were bombing the hell out of popular Paris restaurants and nightclubs. They wanted France out of their country and were doing whatever they could to get the attention of the French government.

What’s changed in the past 57 years?

Not much! France has obviously forgotten that chapter in their own history. The only difference is that now Islamists want all of France, in addition to their own country!

Comment: Over here, we obviously haven’t learned much from history either!

Social media accounts of US military’s Central Command in Florida, and other places, have been hacked by ISIS sympathizers. Their messages openly threaten the lives of our troops, and their families. Home addresses are being posted!

An example:

“American soldiers, we are coming. We won’t stop! We know everything about you, your wives and children.”

Under the current administration, DoD’s predictable response is the total disarming of all troops, all ranks, on base and off, in addition to snubbing the Paris rally.

If I were cynical, I might conclude they don’t care. In fact, I openly wonder which side this administration is really on!