1 Nov 23
“The idea that you’re supposed to have ‘special qualifications’ in order to talk about things that are common sense, is just another scam!
It’s another way to marginalize people”
Noam Chomsky
Who is included within “Inclusion?”
Curious that “Diversity” and “Inclusion,” the consecrated “Holy Grail” of leftists, smugly excludes many Americans!
“Inclusion,” is seems, never includes:
The decent and law-abiding
Traditional families (at the core of which are men and women who are actually married to each other)
The legitimately employed/productive
Yet, always included, within “Inclusion,” are:
Illegal aliens
The indecent and violently obscene
The willfully unemployed and non-productive
The “sexually ambiguous”
Violent criminals
Petty criminals
Child molesters
Thus, those of us perpetually excluded from “Inclusion” are nonetheless piously expected to unconditionally embrace every form of filth, indolence, indecency, lawlessness, non-accountability, criminality, anarchy.
The foregoing fairly defines a “declining civilization!”
For one, I’m opting-out of “Inclusion!”