7 Nov 23
“‘Intuition’ is knowing something is wrong, but not knowing why”
Gavin DeBecker
We’re going to have to increasingly rely on intuition and “reading between the lines” in order to get a realistic idea of what is really going-on within CONUS, and in the Middle East.
Deliberate misinformation comes from woke government officials, and their media puppets, who are desperately trying to downplay/camouflage/under-report genuine terrorist attacks, and other violent crime, strictly for self-serving political reasons.
When woke/leftist rioters are destroying homes and businesses, invading/burning-down government buildings, the media assures us it is all merely a “mostly peaceful demonstration”
Yet, when rightists invade the same government buildings, it is invariably reported as an “insurrection,” and “a threat to democracy!”
When Major Nidal Hasan murdered thirteen and injured three-times than number during a shooting spree at Ft Hood in 2009, DOD reported this blatant terrorist attack as merely “workplace violence”
When college girls are physically attacked, beaten, and raped on college campuses, often in their own dormitories, sometimes in classroom buildings, college police, under heavy pressure by college administrators, will invariably report it as a “simple assault”
It will never be recorded as a “rape,” because doting parents won’t send their children to colleges where girls are raped, but a “simple assault” can always be explained-away (and then quietly buried) as an “altercation between students”
Political violence, anti-Jewish violence, cartel violence, violent crime in general are all rapidly stepping-up, and it is all routinely covered-up, under-reported, and apologized for by our leftist media
Accordingly, Americans are currently far less safe than most imagine, and with under-strength police departments, combined with non-prosecution/non-incarceration of violent criminals now the norm, far less “protected.”
We (re)learned recently, that when murderous terrorists come after us,  “professional protectors” are hours away. 
Imagine that!
In the interim, armed citizens at least have a chance.
The unarmed have no chance!
“Amateurs built the Ark.
‘Professionals’ built the Titanic”