25 Apr 15

“Give your students too much, fill-in all the blanks, and they will contribute nothing themselves. They will be sterile non-participants. Rather, give them just a suggestion, and get them working with you.

That’s when learning begins!”

Orson Welles

I just completed two lectures at this year’s ILEETA Conference, both on the subject of Patrol Rifles. Both were well attended.

On both occasions, students came up to me afterward and said, “… and thanks so much for not using Power Point!”

Not using Power Point surely put me in the minority!

However, many times when I lecture, my “stage” is little more than a small clearing in the woods, so I have become accustomed to being self-contained!

In order to capture and hold students’ attention and interest under such circumstances, one must actively involve all of them, as Wells reminds us (above).

As Instructors, we can never allow ourselves to become dependent upon technology and start believing we cannot be effective without it. We have to know how to make learning happen, no matter the circumstances!

“Mediocre teachers tell. Good teachers explain. Superior teachers demonstrate. Great teachers inspire”