22 Apr 15

ILEETA Conference, 3rd Day

Today, I saw a demonstration of the “SurLock System” It is an uncomplicated and inexpensive restraint system designed for jails, where the prisoner can be granted “adjustable” use of his hands and legs. But, his freedom of movement can be extended or restricted, quickly and at will, all without ever removing the cuffs!

Impressive. Jailers need to look at this!

Crossbreed Holsters showed their new belly-band, featuring a stiff, kydex holster. We now have a copy! The main weakness with belly-bands is that the draw is “one-way.” You can get your pistol out, but reholstering cannot be accomplished quickly, nor conveniently. Crossbreed’s system address that issue. You can now draw, and resholster, with ease. I’ll be testing it!

I had an opportunity today to shoot Glock’s new 9mm G43. It is wonderful! I shot the G42 and G43 side-by-side, and I was hard-pressed to tell the difference! We were shooting plain-vanilla hardball through both guns.

We experienced FAAC’s latest driver simulator. They have come a long way, even since last year! These simulators are expensive, but what a great opportunity for officers to learn about correct pursuit driving, making every mistake imaginable (including collisions), all without ever endangering themselves, nor their vehicles.

My Patrol Rifle Class is tomorrow.