27 Dec 21
“True snobs never rest!
There are always more and more people for them to look down upon”
J Russell Lynes
I wonder how they like it!

Details of shots fired in anger last Thursday by the husband of the current Illinois House Speaker in Broadview, IL, as the couple was being car-jacked by several suspects (at gun-point), are hard to come by!

It appears the Speaker’s husband intentionally fired multiple rounds (he had a state-issued CCW permit) at suspects as they were fleeing the scene.
No one was hit, nor otherwise injured, as least as far as had been reported.
The couple’s stolen car (a loaner) has since been recovered.
No arrests so far.
I expect details of this incident will remain elusive, as will any kind of meaningful investigation! This
embarrassing affair will quickly fade from media attention, and the technical legality, or illegality, of shots fired by the Speaker’s husband will be quietly swept under the rug.
The leftist Speaker (Democrat, of course) is otherwise an avid supporter of BLM, also supports NY-style “bail-reform,” de-funding/de-equipping of police, and draconian gun bans for everyone else.
Curious that her husband obviously owns at least one pistol and apparently carries it for serious purposes, a hallowed right she is (evidently with a straight face) anxious to withdraw from the rest of us!
Car-jackings in Cook County, IL are setting records this year, even for Cook County!
This incident took place just two days after Chicago’s Mayor (also a liberal Democrat) pleaded with the Federal
DOJ to send hoards of federal agents to her city in order to “get the city’s crime under control,” all this as she proposes additional cuts in her own PD’s budget!
You can’t make this up!
One more leftist, anti-Second-Amendment Democrat was involved in yet another car-jacking, at gunpoint, same day, this time a US Representative in Philadelphia, PA.
No shots fired.
This time arrests have been made.
The leftist media is understandably having difficulty reporting on these events, and the painfully obvious hypocrisy of leftist politicians involved, who have suddenly found themselves victims of the self-same violent criminals they’ve consistently supported, protected, and apologize for.
I wonder how they like it!