19 Dec 21
UK has the same border issues as the USA, and for the same reasons!
From a friend there:
“France’s ‘Border Guard,’ presided over by a befuddled French President, is a joke, despite thick biceps, tight-fitting shirts, and trendy haircuts!
Coupled with UK’s own inadequate and unenthusiastic Border/Channel Control, presided over by clueless Minister Ms Priti Patel, who can only look skyward with a soft, murmured prayer, illegal migration across the English Channel actively feeds all manner of violent criminal activity in the UK: illegal drug-use, robbery, theft, vandalism, smuggling (guns, particularly), sexual assault, burglary, murder.
The French will not control their eastern, southern, and western borders, and the UK thus daily absorbs hoards of illegal west and north Africans, mid-easterners (Turkey, Syria, Iran), and east Europeans.
Here in the UK, we are headed, by a short route, toward ecumenical chaos and anarchy!”
My comment:
… and we should brag?