5 Mar 22
“Any scientist who wants to change the prevailing paradigm is automatically branded a heretic, apostate, infidel, blasphemer, maverick, lunatic.
That scientist must break with his peers, and thus have his job, career, and funding placed in extreme jeopardy.
How many careerist scientists are up for that?
The answer is zero.
The result is that scientists go on thinking what ‘The Establishment’ and funding bodies expect them to think, even though they themselves, deep down, know they are supporting preposterous claims that are complete nonsense!”
Thomas Stark
The foregoing applies equally to historians!
It is reported that the Ukrainian government has just exhausted its supply of stock AKs to issue to otherwise unarmed Ukrainian citizens.
Who remain unarmed/defenseless with thus likely retain that status permanently!
A current, and curious, non-military target of Russian artillery during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine is the Memorial at Babi Yar, near Kiev (or Kyiv, if you prefer). “Yar” translates to “ravine”
Ukraine, an unwilling part of the USSR since 1922, regained its independence when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. Ever since, it has been a pluralistic republic.
During the early 1930s, Stalin used starvation to murder at least five million Ukrainians. This massive “death by starvation” is called today “The Holodomore,” and is thus not difficult to understand why present-day Ukrainians are not anxious to be re-absorbed by an aggressively amoebic Russia!
The Holodomore is an important historical event now largely forgotten, everywhere but Ukraine!
In September of 1941, occupying Nazi troops precipitously rounded-up local Jewish Ukrainian citizens, including minor children and infants, in Kiev (Ukraine was overrun by Nazi forces during “Operation Barbarossa,” starting in June of 1941), assuring them that they were merely being “relocated,” a common Nazi ruse.
They were then marched to Babi Yar, stripped naked, made to lie-down in the pit, and then shot in the back of the neck, at close range. Many young girls were gang-raped before being murdered.
In just two days, 29-30 Sept 1941, 33k+ Jewish Ukrainians were thus murdered by Nazis!
Soviet POWs were forced to cover the bodies in an effort to destroy the evidence. However, before Nazis withdrew from Kiev in January of 1942, the Babi Yar murder toll would exceed 150k
During post-war years, a memorial was erected at the Babi Yar Site, so that victims would be remembered by succeeding generations.
It is that memorial that is now being shelled by Soviet forces!
Vlad P, like many Russian leaders, denies that The Holocaust (of which the Babi Yar Massacre was part) ever took place. Like many others, he calls it “an exaggeration”
So, we can now understand why he wants the Babi Yar Memorial destroyed! He would rather that such events, The Holocaust, The Holodomore, along with his own misdeeds, be forgotten, and eventually denied altogether!
History, re-written by corrupt “academics” who are all-too anxious to garner approval from those up the food-
Who object…. Well, we know what happens to them (see above)!
“When tanks are lined-up at the border (and that is NOT ‘metaphor’), it is too late to go down to the store, fill-out appropriate forms, pass the NICS check, endure the ‘waiting period,’ finally take delivery of your new ‘weapon of war,’ along with magazines, ammunition, cleaning supplies, sling, optics, flashlight, etc, get appropriate training, get your new rifle and optic set-up, test-fired, and correctly zeroed, and then regularly maintain both personal proficiency and operational functioning.
When that it not all done in advance, it is already too late!
Once the broadcast tower is hit with rockets, our Second Amendment had better be there, because the First (and all the rest) have just become meaningless.”
… as we see!”