3 Mar 22
“When ‘faith in our freedom’ gives way to ‘fear of our freedom,’ silencing the minority becomes the operative protocol.”
Joel Salatin
A former UK Police Inspector, Colin Greenwood, wrote in his 1972 book, “Firearms Control” that it sounds so lofty and pious when politicians say that “criminals and lunatics” should be banned from owning guns, particularly in light of what was called in those days, “The Irish Problem!”
Greenwood correctly concluded that restrictions on the private ownership of guns were demonstrably ineffective in reducing violent crime. Yet, such restrictions in the UK were not only retained, but incrementally compounded to the point today where legal, private ownership of guns is all but impossible.
Of course “reducing violent crime” was never a goal. Catering to elite politicians’ endemic paranoia is!
The problem with the professed desired outcome of “keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and lunatics” is that politicians (here and there) promptly and predictably paint all their political opponents as “criminals and lunatics!”
How often do we hear far-left Democrats call Republicans “terrorists?” For that matter, how often to we hear media leftists refer to Jews, Christens, gun-owners, Krulaks (property-owners), and other “undesirable minorities” as “criminals and lunatics?”
Yet, over here, such designated “undesirable minorities” still have rights!
Thus, our Constitution does not guarantee “innocent people” a fair trial. Our Constitution guarantees EVERYONE a fair trial!
Likewise, our Bill of Rights does not confer individual rights and liberties exclusively upon “the virtuous.” Our Bill of Rights applies equally, to all citizens!
Accordingly, as politicians predictably manipulate and maneuver, ever-seeking personal advantage by persuading groups of citizens to hate each other (for all kinds of reasons), those among us who discover that we have been suddenly herded together with “criminals and lunatics” quickly also discover that we need guns in order to protect themselves from all those elite, self-proclaimed “saints and geniuses!”
“There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance.
One is when you’re wrong, and you can’t face it.
The other is when you’re right, and nobody else can face it.”
Criss Jami