15 Aug 16

Never believe them!

On 11 July of this year (Monday), South Sudanese troops went on a four-hour looting/raping/murdering rampage within a well-known gated residential compound near the City of Juba that is popular with foreigners, particularly American aid workers.

Sudanese troops broke in, murdered at least one journalist, then publically gang-raped a number of foreign women while others were forced to watch. Americans were singled-out. Everyone was beaten and robbed. The entire compound was looted of everything valuable.

Curiously, desperate pleas for help directed at the nearby UN Compound, staffed with “peacekeepers,” were ignored. The US Embassy was also made aware of the situation in plenty of time to intervene, and also did nothing. No help ever arrived!

Lesson: Anyone who believes UN “peacekeepers” could “rescue” their way out of a paper bag, is a naive fool! Anyone who believes the BHO Administration will do anything about innocent American citizens being raped and murdered in foreign countries, or in this country for that matter, is even a bigger fool!

When naive volunteers from the USA, especially women, go to places like north Africa they need to understand the real dangers. The biggest danger is foolishly believing someone/anyone really cares about them.

I’ve no doubt all those rape victims were told, by some liar with a straight face:

“Don’t worry. You’re safe here. The UN is right down the road!”

I’ve also no doubt they all fully expected to be “rescued.”

The brutal fact is: All those starry-eyed volunteers were “written-off” the day they departed CONUS.

I’ll say it again: “Rescue” is a myth! “Protection” is a myth! Someone in government “caring” about you is a myth!

Believe it at your peril!