16 Aug 16

Stay on the ship!

This from a friend who just returned from a South American Cruise:

“We went on a fifteen-day, canal-crossing (Panama) Cruise.

We stopped at several foul-smelling cesspools! Watched interminable piles of trash and garbage washing up on beaches, and raw effluent from sewage pipes spewing onto the ocean beach directly adjacent to the ‘swimming area.’

In various towns we saw Communist slogans spray-painted onto the side of buildings. Plenty of skinny, naked children running around, people eating out of garbage cans, and never-ending legions of despicable human dregs wandering around with hands out.

No ‘Yankee Go Home,’ at least.

My wife wants to go on another cruise in the fall, to yet another shit-hole. I’ve had enough!

Your advice to Americans to stay within CONUS is prizewinning! Even while here, avoid NY, NJ, CT, MA, CA, RI, Chicago, and any other anti-gun, crime-ridden (the two always go together) venue.

Based on my experience, I’m confident most visitors to the Rio Olympics are regretting ever having gone there!

My advice to cruise-ship passengers going anywhere south:

Go to Las Vegas or South Lake Tahoe instead. When you must cruise, stay on the ship!”

Comment: Anywhere south of Miami is bad news, with the possible exception of Costa Rica.

In Western Europe, between major terrorist attacks, we are seeing almost daily knife attacks of train travelers (another today in Austria), by teenagers yelling Islamic slogans. Israel has experienced similar knife attacks, daily, for quite some time.

All with serious offshore travel plans need to reevaluate the situation, by the day!

As we’ve witnessed in Sudan, Benghazi, and many other foreign destinations, when things go south, you’ll be on your own!