26 Oct 22
Watch these experts!
On Sunday last (24 Oct 22), a gun-carrying amateur in GA was in a local Walmart with a pistol (brand unknown) stuffed in his waistband (absent a holster), a practice sometimes called “Mexican Carry.”
His pistol predictably slipped out of its precarious perch and fell down his leg. Probably not the first time this has happened to him!

As the pistol fell down his pant leg, he attempted to grab it and in the process placed a finger on the trigger with enough pressure to precipitate a UD

He ended-up shooting himself in the leg, and the single errant bullet, after going through-and-through, went on to strike the floor. The bullet itself, and likely fragments thereof, then went on to slightly injure three other people who were standing nearby.
All secondary injuries were on lower legs. None were life-threatening, nor particularly serious.
It is not known whether or not the gun-carrier had a valid GA CCW Permit.
The shooter was subsequently charged with “reckless conduct,” but will doubtless also be the guest-of-honor in more than one civil suit.
The above narrative has repeated itself dozens of times, in a few cases involving notable sports celebrities!
Holsterless waistband carry is the province of fools (as we see) and is thus highly not recommended!
“With too much pride, a man learns nothing. Learning teaches us how foolish we are.”
Criss Jami