25 Oct 22
“Genocide will commence shortly after they force us to turn-in our guns. That’s the way it always happens!”
Sunday next, 30 Oct 22, Brazilians will be voting in a general election that will determine if current president, Jair Bolsonaro, will remain in office.
Since Bolsonaro’s election in 2019, he has made it possible for all Brazilian citizens to privately own and keep guns, regardless of political affiliation.
Prior to his taking office, gun-ownership in Brazil was restricted to politicians and their friends and supporters, as it is in most magisterial nations where “ordinary” citizens do not enjoy enumerated individual rights and liberties.
Since 2019, private gun ownership has exploded in Brazil, as one might have expected!
Many gun clubs and gun retailers have opened and expanded. The continued private ownership of guns by
Brazilian citizens is now the main election issue!
Brazil’s Constitution has no “Bill of Rights” nor anything similar to our Second Amendment, but Bolsonaro still insists that keeping and bearing arms (hence, effective self-defense) is a fundamental right of all citizens.
Bolsonaro’s electoral opponent is Lula da Silva.
Da Silva, former president and typical leftist, distrusts gun-owing citizens, and has vowed to reinstate severe restrictions on gun ownership once back in power, strictly re-confining gun possession to himself and his political friends, and of course, armed criminals!
As one might expect, the Russians and Chinese, along with Democrat politicians here, are heavily backing da Silva.
Birds of a feather!
“When societal controls over deadly violence fail, as they failed Jews in Europe during the 1930s and 1940s, reverting to the private use of deadly force may well be the only way survive”