20 July 20 “Politics: the art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism and fear-mongering to dupe average citizens into accepting, even demanding, their own enslavement.” Larken Rose Friends, all of whom lived underneath the brutal boot of Communism in their former homelands of Albania, Cuba, PRC, Romania, USSR, Yugoslavia, have advised me pointedly that they see and feel the ominous approach of Communism here, represented by the Democrat Party. All view Biden merely as a back-slapping, vacuous dullard who will smile meekly and wave weakly at the crowd, as Comrade Beto’s BOGVP (Bureau of Gun Violence Prevention) shock-troops pass in review! They are equally confident that hardened, skilled Communist operatives, sharks currently swarming around Biden, will run the actual “conversion-of-capitalism-to-Communism.” show. Some naive Americans are still saying, incredulously, “It can’t happen here! This is the USA! This is a Constitutional Republic! We are a free people!” Dream on! Hundreds of millions of hapless victims of Communism during the 20th century mouthed those same loud, but pointless, protests, just before being shipped-off to gulags, “mysteriously disappearing,” or were lined up against nearby walls and shot! . With the “Exemption Culture” currently practiced by Democrat politicians, where we peons have to obey their rules, but they don’t, Americans are growing numb to the notion that Democrats and their acolytes don’t have to obey the same laws that they demand we obey. There was a time when the law in America was for the common good, written in plain English, and everyone was expected to obey. Citizens could read and understand it! Now, laws are written exclusively to benefit “favored” groups, and to punish “unpopular” groups. And politicians, without fail, exempt themselves in any event, as noted above. Laws are intentionally written in such a confusing, vague, convoluted manner that no one can possibly know if he is in compliance or not. This is by design! I recall when “Hanoi Jane” Fonda was asked why she and fellow Communist, Tom Hayden, kept privately-owned handguns, when they themselves actively, ardently, and oh-so self-righteously supported complete gun prohibition. She arrogantly replied, “Gun control? That’s for other people, not for us.” She speaks for all Democrat/Communist politicians! “I notice that people who claim everything is ‘predestined,’ still look before they cross the road!” Stephen Hawking /John