17 July 20 ANTIFA Profile: 1. Violent, unstable personal background 2. Clear pattern of sociopathic activity 3. Hard left (Communist) political ethos 4. Unkempt physical appearance, featuring filthy black clothing, skin piercings, tattoos, foul odor 5. Perpetually non-productive, non-contributing. They don’t work. They parasitically subsist on government “welfare” and thievery. 6. Extensive arrest/incarceration recordHordes of these ANTIFA clones, manufactured by our leftist public “education/indoctrination” system, are “in-action” in all major US metro areas, Western Europe, and the UK. They’re bussed-around by sleazy, leftist politicians who use them to terrorize political opponents. They enthusiastically share a vile hatred of “everything West,” and a nihilistic goal of destroying all trappings of of Western Civilization, history religion, economy, infrastructure. Being absolutely amoral (like the leftist politicians who support them), they are extremely dangerous and have no compunction about committing vandalism, theft, mayhem, murder! They’re out there, and “police protection” is but a distant, and ever-fading, memory in many places! Make adjustments as necessary! “I know enough of the world now to have almost lost the capacity of being surprised at anything” Charles Dickens /John