26 June 12

Excellent comments on Urban Rifle training, from a recent student:

“Competent, attentive instructors are essential. Critiques from instructors must be delivered immediately, politely, but with concern. When your instructor fails to notice misplaced fingers, poorly run triggers, and sloppiness in gun-handling, you’re not getting your money’s worth. It’s a simple fact that, because you make safety central and critical, it exists palpably on your ‘hot’ range. ‘Living with guns,’ writ large!

Genuine fighting rifles, even modern ones, are heavy, especially so when continuously loaded, and equipped with large-capacity magazines, with several spares. Carrying a copy around in your hands for twenty hours is tiring. Then, add accomplishing noble tasks with it, not harming anyone you don’t want to, while clobbering those you do, and must. It is real, physical work!

Catching the link (re-setting the trigger) and pressing the trigger straight, flat, back are accuracy essentials. Truly, when you can see a threat, or part of one, and can identify it as a threat, and it is within 150m, you can hit it. And, you can do it before he hits you, providing you don’t panic.

The manual safety lever is not an affectation. It is there for a reason. You have to know when it needs to be “on,” and when it needs to be “off.”

Operator-grade, military rifles, with nearly any ammunition, will shoot better than their owners. Your Course isn’t about the rifle. It’s about the Operator’s personal competence, self-control, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency.

Almost any good and decent person, who can stand upright and tie his shoes, can learn these skills and philosophical footing. It just takes being too prideful to quit nor slacken, and losing one’s fear of failing.

We fail with panache!”


“The healthy have no need of a physician, only the sick.” When a student does everything perfectly, without fault nor flaw, he clearly doesn’t need to be here!

The goal of the instructor and student is always the same: the improvement of the student.

“There is a difference between a Warrior and a brute. A Warrior is a protector. Men stand tallest when they are protecting and defending.”