6 Nov 14

“People who seemed cultured, restrained, law-abiding, and considerate of others have been converted into beasts, to the surprise of the civilized world, and, if the truth be known, to themselves…

It needs only one kind of circumstance to bring this deeply-rooted malady in human nature to the surface. That circumstance is the acquisition of power…

Nazi concentration camps were administered by people who spent their spare time listening to classical music, or surrounding themselves with great works of art. But, any disappointment they may have felt in themselves seems to have been short-lived, as they took increasing delight in the infliction of pain and injury upon others.

When there are no restraints, human behavior invariably becomes evil and degraded…

Given power over their fellow men, most discover within themselves evil impulses, of which they had been previously unaware.”

Arthur Custance

“Doctrine of ‘original sin,’ of the innate depravity of man… appear to me to be vastly nearer the truth than literal, popular illusions that babies are all born good, and that the example of a corrupt society is responsible for their failure to remain so… and other optimistic figments.”

TH Huxley

We don’t call it “evil” for nothing, and it probably, at least to some extent, lurks within all of us. Truly evil people, ascending to political power, always make the flowery argument that they can do so much additional “good,” if restraints upon them were just removed. That describes Hitler’s and Stalin’s ascent to absolute control over the lives of millions. No “happy ending” there!

Such fanatic devotion to the seizure and consolation of political power is intrinsically evil, and unfortunately not confined to the other side of the world. Our Founders, when writing our Constitution, were keenly aware of the iniquity inherent in concentrated power, so they put many restraints in place.

However, we’ve seen recently, lawless politicians and unelected bureaucrats grabbing power which is not properly theirs, to the collective yawns of our Congress and our Supreme Court, the very ones who are supposed to apply restraints mentioned above. Our Constitution is no longer protecting us as intended!

We don’t like to think about concentration camps and gas-chambers on this side of the planet, but there are politicians in office who will predictably implement them, here and now, when given half a chance. Not impossible, all their pious denials notwithstanding!

So, when you hear them say, “spread the wealth,” that translates to “concentrate the power”

“Tax increase” translates to “concentrate the power.”

“Restrictions upon citizens,” particularly with regard to owning/bearing firearms, translates to “concentrate the power.”

Selecting particular minorities and groups for special benefits and privileges, punishes everybody outside those groups and thus translates to, “concentrate the power.”

Paying people for merely existing insures that they will be forever unproductive, will never develop into good and prospering citizens, and thus remain evermore in an unchangeable underclass, and thus translates to “concentrate the power.”

Strangling businesses and individual citizens, everyone trying their best to actually be productive, with layer after layer of never-ending, incomprehensible “rules” and regulations punishes and suffocates and thus translates to “concentrate the power.”

Failing to protect citizens from violent crime degrades everyone’s personal dignity and leads to general dread and fearfulness throughout the Republic, and thus translates to “concentrate the power.”

As sovereign citizens, we must be forever on-guard against these Constitutional criminals, despite their never-ending attempts to bribe us with our own money! They are evil, through and through, even when they, and their foolish, naive supporters, are in denial!

Once America is gone, they’ll be nothing like it on the face of Earth, for the next 10,000 years!

“Suffering does not teach. If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh